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Tradeshow Shipping Services

Matthew provides trade show shipping, exhibition and display shipping and a host of other specialized services both domestically and internationally. We transport exhibition materials; convention and trade show goods and equipment; materials and supplies used to conduct seminars and training sessions or in support of annual meetings worldwide. Shipments include but are not limited to displays, booths, marketing materials, computers, electronics, IT equipment, medical equipment, photographic equipment, copiers, exercise equipment, artwork, motorcycles, automobiles and other cargo requiring reliable, time-sensitive, specialized handling and transportation.

Exhibit Set Up and Trade Show Shipping Services

Logistic Coordination (One-Stop Shopping): Logistic coordination to include labor to install, provide proper exhibit set up and dismantle your display. Provisions to rent carpet and furniture at the show can be arranged. If your exhibit needs touch-ups, repairs or maintenance, we will help secure the necessary services in time for the next event, so your exhibit always looks its best.

Full-Service: We can pack, load and custom crate your exhibit. We also provide project specific origin and destination services to meet your needs. Inside pick-up, final placement delivery services and short- or long-term storage can be provided whenever required. Date specific pick-up and delivery and climate-controlled vehicles and warehousing are available. Our sales personnel are available to you 24/7 throughout the process.

Independent: We shop the market for the best prices and services from carriers, agents and forwarders around the globe.

Multi-Modal: We can arrange transportation by surface, air or sea, and any combination thereof.

Satellite Tracking: We can provide 24-hour surveillance service and satellite tracking to ensure total security of your high-valued goods throughout their entire journey for domestic shipments. For international shipments, we can track goods via the carrier's website and through communication with our international partners. Our in-house computer assisted order processing system ensures all these checks are made by our coordinators.

Global Services: We can arrange services between almost any two points in the world. Our extensive network of affiliate agents in all major world markets ensures that your exhibit will be as safe and secure in Hong Kong as it would be in Las Vegas. From the packing to the paperwork, we can transport your materials via air or sea to your final destination. We handle customs clearance and exhibit set-up at your event the same way we would if your show was in the U.S. When the show is finished, we will pack up and transport your tradeshow display materials to your next destination. Once again—no worries for trade show shipping!



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