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At Matthew, we are the computer movers for the on time and secure transport of sensitive computer systems and other electronics. In addition to computer moving, we can also transport electronics, IT equipment, medical equipment, photographic equipment, audio visual equipment, copiers, exercise equipment, exhibits, displays, artwork, motorcycles and other sensitive cargo requiring specialized handling and transportation. In fact, we are the experts at coordinating high-value shipments around the corner, across the country or around the world.

Computer Moving Specialists: Matthew Moving Company

Unlike many professional computer movers, handling and transporting high-value items is not a part-time job for us: It is a line of business that we concentrate on and specialize in. From custom packing solutions and handling procedures to facilitating proper installation and set-up, our system offers the world's most advanced solution when it comes to sensitive computer moving. Our care and concern for your products and our customers is unparalleled. Our skilled professionals, trained and experienced, are the key to our success in handling these goods.

One of the benefits to choosing us for computer moving is our in-house computerized order processing system. This in-house processing system is unique to Matthew Moving Company and is not featured by our competitors. For every shipment, our order processing system ensures customer satisfaction and that every need is met.

Computer Moving Capabilities Include:

Express Runs: Quick, reliable, transit times at very competitive rates for shipments < 5000 lbs. to most major markets. Distribution centers offer daily pick-up and delivery for customers within 50 miles and 2-3 day service within 100 miles. Most shipments arrive at their final destinations within 5-7 business days. Express 1 is the nation's leader in LTL shipping.

Dedicated Network: High-value distribution centers in major markets set up around the country handle these commodities. Separate, centralized dispatch function. Online pricing and tracking, automated delivery confirmation and other capabilities.

Specialized Fleet: Air-ride units equipped for high-value goods, boxed or pad-wrapped. Fleet only handles high-value goods. Our drivers are trained for these commodities and handle more than 40,000 items per year.

Satellite Tracking: We can provide 24-hour surveillance service and satellite tracking to ensure total security of your high-valued goods throughout their entire journey for domestic shipments. For international shipments, we can track goods via the carrier's website and through communication with our international partners. Our in-house computer assisted order processing system ensures all these checks are made by our coordinators.

Full-service: More than just dock-to-dock transportation services. Inside pick-up and delivery. We can pack, custom crate and provide shipment-specific origin and destination services to meet your needs. We are multi-modal and can ship via air, sea or surface transportation depending upon your specific shipments needs. You have 24/7 access to our sales personnel to answer any questions you may have.

Computer Moving Services from the Experts

We are computer movers who realize the extra care and attention to detail that is required when shipping these sensitive electronics. At Matthew, we take the necessary precautionary measures to ensure secure computer moving. Fill out our online quote form now for a free moving estimate based on your needs.



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